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Québec sets 2050 goal for climate neutrality

11 November 2020, 8:48 GMT 1 min read

As businesses, countries, states and regions gather for the UN’s Race to Zero Dialogues, Under2 Coalition member Québec has announced its new 2050 climate target, bringing it into line with the ambitions of the Paris Agreement.

The province will maintain its funding commitments for climate projects and focus on areas including manufacturing and industry, transportation and developing more efficient building standards. Plans will be reviewed annually, with new programs introduced to reduce pollution levels.

Electrification of the transport sector will be particularly important, as it currently accounts for 43% of Québec’s carbon footprint. Significant progress has already been made in this area through active participation in the Under2 Coalition’s zero emission vehicle (ZEV) work. In 2018 Québec also became the first Canadian province to adopt a zero emission vehicle standard. 

“Québec’s ambitious new target is another sign of the seriousness with which states and regions are taking the climate crisis. The next step for Québec will be to develop a pathway showing which activities and sectors it plans to target in order to meet its visionary goals.

“Throughout the pandemic we have seen states and regions stepping up to take action for the climate and working for a just transition. As we approach COP26 in Glasgow next year we will be looking to see countries across the world follow their lead and show the ambition we need for a world of no more than 1.5°C warming.”

Tim Ash Vie, Director of the Under2 Coalition

Further details on today’s announcement will follow on Monday, when Québec will present its Green Economy Plan.

The Race to Zero Dialogues are taking place between 9 and 19 November and are showcasing the breadth of work being undertaken across the world to meet ambitious net zero emissions targets.