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Under2 Coalition launches project to tackle methane emissions

18 March 2019, 13:49 UTC 1 min read

Many see cutting methane emissions as one of the best, and most cost-effective, ways to mitigate climate change in the immediate future.  A significant opportunity exists in the oil and gas sector, where it’s estimated that nearly half of all reductions can be achieved with approaches that have zero net costs (taking into account the value of the gas saved).

Under2 Coalition governments recognized this opportunity from the outset, identifying methane and other short-lived climate pollutants as one of its top priorities for greater collaboration.

Today, the Climate Group, as Secretariat of the Under2 Coalition takes its first step towards this collaboration by launching the Under2 Methane Project - a forum for state and regional governments around the world to share effective ways to reduce methane emissions, beginning with a focus on the oil and gas sector.

The Under2 Methane Project will explore both proven and emerging approaches to measuring and reducing methane emissions from around the world, including regulations, incentives, and collaborative projects adopted in places such as British Columbia, California, Washington, and Mexico, among others. The project is supported by the Pisces Foundation, and is open to all interested Under2 Coalition members.  Participating governments will include California, Virginia (USA), Pastaza (Ecuador), Yucatán (Mexico) and Huanuco (Peru).

"Given the importance of reducing short-lived climate pollutants to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement, we are excited to accelerate action on this issue with Under2 Coalition governments. We hope it will be the beginning of a sustained area of work focused on new and proven ways to eliminate the whole range of ‘super pollutants.’”

Tim Ash Vie, Director of the Under2 Coalition Secretariat

"There is still a lot to learn about methane from oil and gas operations. Where are the leaks? What is the extent of the problem? What are the most cost-effective solutions? The Under2 Methane Project provides an ideal forum for state and regional governments to explore these questions alongside their global peers.”

Nehmat Kaur, Senior Manager of South Asia Government Relations