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Trump administration rolls back fuel efficiency standards, The Climate Group responds

31 March 2020, 16:50 UTC 2 min read

Amy Davidsen, Executive Director – North America, The Climate Group, an international non-profit which leads the global EV100 initiative for companies switching to electric transport by 2030, said:

“Rolling back vehicle efficiency standards is a damaging backward step – it puts our health at risk by polluting the air, and will take a huge economic opportunity out of our grasp as we miss out on cutting edge technology.

“From Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to multinationals like IKEA and AstraZeneca, businesses are committing to electric vehicles globally and want to see a faster roll out of models across the US.

“If the Trump Administration wants to protect our manufacturers and ensure their long-term competitiveness, it needs to recognize the inevitable shift to electric and position them at the forefront – not leave them stuck in the slow lane.”

EV100 is a global initiative by The Climate Group bringing together forward-looking companies committed to accelerating the transition to electric vehicles (EVs), to make electric transport ‘the new normal’ by 2030. Electric transport offers a major solution to climate change, as well as curbing air and noise pollution. Businesses can lead through their investment decisions and influence on millions of staff and customers worldwide. By joining EV100 they increase demand, drive mass roll-out, and make electric cars more rapidly affordable for everyone. In driving corporate EV uptake in the US, The Climate Group works closely with our regional engagement partner Ceres.

The EV100 Progress and Insights Annual Report 2020 was published in February 2020. It shows that corporate and leasing fleet commitments by EV100 members is creating demand for more than 2.5 million zero-emission vehicles by 2030, saving 42 million metric tons CO2e – the annual emissions of 11 coal power plants. It also shows that a lack of EV supply is the biggest barrier to faster progress for 79% of EV100 members – up by a third from last year.

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