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Inventory today, mitigation tomorrow: Pernambuco works toward climate action

6 October 2020, 12:24 BST

Pernambuco is not amongst the largest GHG emitting states in Brazil, but it is one of the world’s most vulnerable states to the effects of climate change.

Through the Under2 Coalition’s Climate Footprint Project, the state has developed its first greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory in only six months. The project demonstrated that it is possible to undertake such a challenge and successfully produce a quality inventory, in a short space of time, with an agile approach and, most importantly, built on ample stakeholder participation.

The main factors which allowed for Pernambuco’s GHG inventory to be prepared in a short period of time, and with broad participation across key stakeholders, were:

  • Political will
  • Technical capacity
  • The Pernambuco Climate Change Forum

Find out more in Pernambuco's case study, which was developed as part of the Climate Footprint Project.

The project supports state and regional governments to improve their greenhouse gas emissions tracking and reduction efforts and is currently working with Pernambuco (Brazil), Chhattisgarh and West Bengal (India), Baja California, Jalisco and Yucatán (Mexico), and KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa). 


Pernambuco case study (English)

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Date added: 18/11/20


Pernambuco case study (Spanish)

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Date added: 18/11/20


Pernambuco case study (Portuguese)

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Date added: 18/11/20