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Future Fund Impact Report 2022

Report 27 January 2023, 17:54 UTC

We’re thrilled to celebrate five years of the Future Fund.

Since 2017, this unique project has raised $1,000,000, supporting subnational governments in developing and emerging economy regions to take climate action where it matters.

It has levelled the playing field in international climate discussions by enabling participation and access for states and regions in emerging and developing countries.

Over the last five years we’ve:

  • Delivered 15 directly funded capacity-building projects
  • Supported 21 needs based and customised secondments
  • Welcomed 88 regional governments to the Under2 Coalition
  • Enabled 65 regional government representatives to attend international climate events

And the impact didn’t stop in 2022.

Download our latest impact report below to find out what the Fund has achieved in the last five years and our highlights from 2022.

We're also looking ahead to activities in 2023, with a plan to keep the momentum up.

We'll work harder to ensure that no one is left behind in the push for a just transition to a cleaner, greener global economy.