Broad Group

Employees: 2000 (2007)

Revenue: Approximately ¥5 billion

Country: China

Broad Group is a leading air conditioner manufacturer based in China, with subsidiaries worldwide including in Australia, France, Malaysia and the US. Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR), particularly environmental sustainability, has been central to Broad's business philosophy since its foundation in 1988. 

The company manufactures non-electric air conditioning, heating and filtration systems. In recent years, Broad Group has also become a well-known manufacturer of sustainable prefabricated buildings, which reduce materials consumption five-fold and manufacturing waste by 99%, as well as being more energy-efficient and earthquake-resistant to level 9.

Broad Group also provides engineering consultancy services for sustainable design, and advice on how to eliminate the need for active heating and cooling. 


To reduce 70% of global energy consumption on building heating, ventilation and air conditioning and 15% of greenhouse gases through:

- sales of BROAD energy-efficient products 
- the promotion of building insulation technologies 
- motivating energy saving codes and regulations

  • Current activities

    To strengthen its corporate responsibility, Broad Group has developed and adopted a set of principles (“the 8-No Principles”) which include ‘no pollution’ and ‘no activities that contradict conscience’. 

    The force and dynamism behind many of these initiatives is attributed to Broad’s founder and CEO, Zhang Yue. Mr. Zhang, who has initiated and participated in a wide range of activities and campaigns on climate change and energy saving issues aimed at influencing individuals, enterprises and government departments to pay more attention to climate change and environment protection. 

    Mr. Zhang was one of the five winners of the 2011 Champions of Earth awards for environmental leadership. The award was given by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), an advocacy and implementation body to help mitigate and cope with the effects of climate change, of which Broad Group is a member.

    In addition to its work with The Climate Group since 2008, Broad Group has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2001, and was a main Partner of the 2010 Shanghai Expo - whose theme, “Better City, Better Life”, had a strong sustainability emphasis.  

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