General Motors

General Motors (GM) is a global automobile manufacturer that produces vehicles in 30 countries.

GM has joined RE100 with a commitment to transitioning to 100% renewable electricity, which along with GM’s pursuit of electrified vehicles and responsible manufacturing, is part of the company’s climate change strategy.

GM plans to meet the electricity needs of its 350 operations in 59 countries with renewable energy by 2050. By setting this goal, the company is demonstrating that it recognizes the economic opportunity in addressing climate change.

GM has been using renewable energy for the last 20 years, dating back to its first landfill gas project in 1995. Since then, the company has added solar and wind power to its portfolio, and is ranked as one of the top onsite generators of green power by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

GM estimates making annual savings of US$5 million from using renewable energy, a number expected to increase as more projects come online and the supply of renewable energy increases. While transitioning to renewable power, GM is also maximizing its energy efficiency.

GM’s Chairman and CEO is committed to a vision of a decarbonized automotive industry. The company is part of a coalition of signatories, convened by the World Economic Forum, that realizes that access to clean, safe and affordable automotive transportation is not just for the privileged few. GM recognizes that by taking bold climate action it will benefit its customers and communities through cleaner air.

GM is a founding member of the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance, and as such aims to help other companies use more renewable energy for their operations. GM shares best practices and encourages its suppliers to pursue sustainable business practices. In the US, GM dealers can apply for Green Dealer recognition to highlight sustainability initiatives implemented at their shops. Renewable energy use is one such activity that can help dealers earn recognition.

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