Greenstone is a leading provider of non-financial reporting solutions covering Environment, Health & Safety, CSR Frameworks, Supply Chain and Procurement. Greenstone’s world-class team of industry experts advise and support clients to define their requirements and ensure they get the output required from their data. Founded in 2007, Greenstone’s solutions are now used by more than 100 organisations across multiple sectors in over 90 countries.

Whether an organisation has been reporting non-financial information for years, or is just starting out, Greenstone’s easy to use enterprise grade solutions can help them go beyond reporting to really make a difference and achieve results.


The Climate Group uses Greenstone’s enterprise level solution to measure, monitor and manage our carbon impact globally. We chose Greenstone’s web-based application because of its functional breadth and ease of accessibility from anywhere in the world. The software provides fast and accurate reports which enables in-depth analysis of energy, business travel, waste and water across all parts of the organisation, while the one-click reports function frees up time for Green Champions in each region to focus on reduction initiatives.


If you are interested in having a demo, or would like to discuss your organization’s requirements, please call Katherine Prove on +44 (0)20 3031 4007 or email her at

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