Swiss global financial services company UBS joined RE100 with a goal to be 100% powered by renewable energy by 2020, which will reduce its greenhouse gas footprint by 75% compared with 2004 levels. 

UBS reduced its greenhouse gas footprint by more than 50% between 2004 and 2014 by implementing energy efficiency measures, increasing its share of renewable energy and offsetting business air travel emissions.

Since 2007 in Switzerland, 2012 in Germany and 2013 in the UK, UBS has been sourcing 100% of its electricity from renewable sources, mainly hydro and wind power. Since 2008 in the US it has sourced more than 285GWh of renewable electricity, mainly from wind power.

Dr Caroline Anstey, Group Managing Director, Global Head UBS and Society, said: "For us, RE100 is the right initiative at the right time, and a perfect way to demonstrate that we walk the talk on renewable energy. In addition we would like to share knowledge about the global renewable energy market with other RE100 companies.

"Going 100% renewable was a logical next step for us. We’ve had a comprehensive environmental policy for more than 20 years and a climate change strategy since 2006, including annual reporting, so there was no need to involve new people or dramatically change the way we do things. The goal was driven forwards by our Corporate Culture and Responsibility Committee at board-level."

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