City Partnerships


The world's urban centers are home to much of its population - and responsible for much of its emissions.

They are also the hubs where business and government can work together to put low carbon technologies in motion quickly.

That's why we helped New York City light up its streets with LEDs. And why we partnered to improve energy efficiency and delivery across Greater Mumbai.

We focused on the role of some of the world's biggest cities in demonstrating and delivering the public-private partnerships that will build up the low carbon economy.

Forward Chicago

Forward Chicago was a unique public-private partnership that brought together Chicago's corporate and non-profit communities to support the Chicago Climate Action Plan.

The Climate Group launched Forward Chicago in February 2009 in partnership with the City of Chicago and Chicago 2016.  Together we engaged Chicago's leading businesses in public-private partnerships to deliver low carbon technologies across the city and help deliver on the Chicago Climate Action Plan. 

The partnership helped realize Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley's commitment to making Chicago one of the US's greenest and most environmentally-friendly cities.

Participating companies worked with The Climate Group and local NGOs to implement LED pilot projects, smart building solutions, electric vehicle demonstrations and more.

These projects helped cut the city's emissions - while providing residents and businesses with new ways to adapt to climate change. These projects served as models for low carbon economic growth and neighborhood development. 

By scaling up and communicating these efforts, Forward Chicago helped Mayor Daley realize Chicago's initial goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 25% below 1990 levels by 2020 and 80% by 2050.

Forward Chicago identified three major environmental challenges facing Chicago's neighborhoods: urban heat island effect, open space and greening and flooding. Our projects focused on the areas that experienced these challenges the most. 

In addition to the City of Chicago and Chicago 2016, we worked with a number of  partners across the city. These partners helped showcase and support the environmental commitments - existing and new - of each participating company.

Center for Neighborhood Technology  Friends of the Chicago River
Chicago Gateway Green  ICLEI
Chicago Public Schools  Wetlands Initiative
Environmental Law & Policy Center   

Mumbai Energy Alliance

The Climate Group and HSBC Climate Partnership collaborated on the Mumbai Energy Alliance (MEA).

Conceptualized by the International Institute for Energy Conservation (IIEC), the MEA focused on developing large-scale and collaborative energy efficiency projects in the world's most populous city. Its aim was to cut long-term energy costs and reduce emissions across the Greater Mumbai Region.

Launched in August 2009, the MEA's first focus was developing and delivering improvements in Mumbai's electricity market.

Scale attract finance. That's the basic idea behind the MEA.

Based on the pioneering model of the Cambridge Energy Alliance, the Alliance worked with a range of partners across the city to find innovative service delivery mechanisms to deliver energy efficiency programs.   

The Alliance worked closely on these programs with the city's utilities and suppliers, as well as financial institutions, government, community-based organizations and the media.   Together, we helped develop and deliver large-scale energy efficiency programs citywide – from LED street-lighting and efficient space conditioning to building smart grids and pumping the municipal water supply. 

Visit the Mumbai Energy Alliance website for more information on this initiative.

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