Global LED consultation

This is part of The Climate Group's LED Scale-up project.

Building on the sucess of the LightSavers LED trials, supported by Signify (formerly Philips Lighting), The Climate Group launched the Global LED Consultation program. It aims to identify and address remaining barriers to LED adoption and help accelerate scale-up of energy efficient street lighting globally. 

Although an increasing number of cities have switched to LEDs with many early adopters reporting significant energy savings, we set out to discover why many global cities have still yet to make the switch.

Because every city and region has a unique history, lighting infrastructure and available financing, we hold interviews and informal discussions with local stakeholders to find out what the regional barriers to adoption are. We then convene workshops to explore potential solutions and create a platform for stakeholders to share knowledge and best practices.

So far, we have successfully run events in the UK and Europe, US, Brazil, Dubai, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. And now we are planning follow up in those regions as well as expanding into new ones.

Our latest LED Consultation Handout is now available here.

We encourage state and regional representatives, cities and utilities from around the world to contact us to participate in our LED consultations and raise issues they feel crucial for achieving a successful transition to LED lighting. We also seek existing users and early adopters to get in touch and highlight achievements and lessons learned.

If you are considering a future LED lighting upgrade, are currently involved in LED procurement, or have already made the switch, please contact us and share your experiences.


Our ongoing support to cities toward the 2025 target will focus on an expanding list of areas including:

  • LED knowledge base: A growing database of LED-related information and materials.
  • LED financing: Program to explore new financing models to manage the risk of investment for LED infrastructure projects.
  • LED adoption by utilities: Program to identify opportunities and supporting policies to promote energy efficient LED lighting by utilities.
  • Off-grid LED lighting: Fighting light poverty around the world by promoting sustainable off-grid light-emitting diode LED lighting solutions


LED Scale-up

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