Off-grid LED lighting

This is part of The Climate Group's LED Scale-up project.

The untapped opportunity

There are currently 1.3 billion people around the world who lack access to electricity, of which more than 95% live in Sub-Saharan Africa or developing Asia. The effect of energy and light poverty on these communities is severe. Educational opportunities as well as medical services are impacted, with unsafe, unreliable lighting alternatives hitting vulnerable social groups such as women and children hardest.

Just like food and water, light is a primary necessity nobody should lack access to.

Off-grid LED lighting offers a practical and scalable solution to tackling light poverty in a way that is both affordable and environmentally sustainable. It has the power to bring lighting to places in the world where electricity grids and lighting infrastructure simply do not exist. Reduced installation and infrastructure costs are another big benefit of off-grid lighting adoption in developing regions. 

And these opportunities have been proven. Early examples of off-grid solutions in villages have demonstrated significant socio-economic benefits, with lighting in previously dark villages improving safety for women and children at night and enhancing profits for local businesses.

What we're doing

The Climate Group is committed to fighting light poverty around the world by promoting sustainable off-grid light-emitting diode (LED) lighting solutions. This work is part of our ongoing global LED consultation, convening key stakeholders and leaders in targeted geographical areas to identify and address barriers to adoption, promote knowledge sharing and best practices, and highlight the socio-economic benefits that better-lit environments bring.

LED Scale-up

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