Home2025: Food

Food has a huge climate impact. Agriculture’s share of total global greenhouse gas emissions is around 25%, if deforestation and other land use changes are included. The share of total emissions from food production globally totals 30% - and unlike the energy sector, where rates have begun to decline, emissions in agriculture are projected to increase 30% by 2050. Emissions from livestock in particular constitute nearly 80% of all agricultural emissions.

And homes play a key part in this impact. Around 50% of the UK’s total food waste across all sectors comes from homes. And research for the UK is illustrative: the potential carbon emissions savings of preventing all avoidable food waste in 2012 was the equivalent of taking one in four cars off the road. But before it is even wasted, the land required to produce food and drink in the UK in particular is 19,000 square kilometers, or an area about 91% the size of Wales.

But there is also huge potential to reduce food waste. IKEA’s Home2025 contribution about the ‘future kitchen’ shows where we could be heading in the next decade.

Contributions to Home2025: Food are coming soon.


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