Home2025: Water

Water is one of the most precious resources to humans. While issues vary dramatically from country to country depending on access and availability, one fact remains around the world: water and energy are intertwined. Producing energy uses water and providing freshwater uses energy.

In the US, extracting energy resources such as oil, gas, coal and biomass, as well as processing and transporting energy, consumes around 27% of all the water the country uses.

At the household level where our own water use is most visible to us, there are big opportunities to save emissions if we change how we both heat and consume water. In the UK, heating water for showers and baths is about 21% of a typical gas bill, and makes up about 4% of the country's total CO2 emissions.

There are clear opportunities to save emissions by improving efficiency in water use around the world. 

Contributions to Home2025: Water are coming soon.


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