HSBC Climate Partnership


The HSBC Climate Partnership brought together The Climate Group, Earthwatch Institute, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) and WWF in a US$100 million partnership to respond to the urgent threat of climate change.

The Partnership was listed as one of the most admired corporate-NGP partnerships for 2011-12 by C&E Advisory.News and Events

Activity within the HSBC Climate Partnership

India's Clean Revolution report 

India’s Clean Revolution reports on India’s growing share of the global clean tech market and how this is likely to develop over the coming decade. The foreword, by Naina Lal Kidwai, Group General Manager and Country Head, HSBC Group India, points to the need for government, businesses, financial institutions, NGOs and wider civil society to work in partnership, to grasp opportunities for low carbon growth.  The HSBC Climate Partnership funding has also enabled us to establish The Climate Group’s office in New Delhi, and to launch our programmes in India.

Delivering Low Carbon Growth: A Guide to China's 12th Five Year Plan

HSBC’s Climate Change Centre of Excellence commissioned us to produce a report on the implications of the 2011-2015 Five Year Plan for China’s Clean Revolution.   Stuart Gulliver, Group Chief Executive HSBC Holdings says: ‘China’s global role will no longer be just the world’s fastest growing market for climate solutions, or the world’s biggest exporter of key clean technologies, but also a source of ideas and experience on how to deliver low carbon growth.’

International Lightsavers LED programme

Energy for lighting is responsible for nearly 10% of global CO2 emissions. The LightSavers programme, supported by the HSBC Climate Partnership, is demonstrating how LED street lights can improve lighting quality, cut costs and reduce emissions – especially when it is linked to Smart Controls. Pilot projects that reveal these benefits to policy makers, finance providers and the public are just one critical part of a wider market transformation strategy for LED lighting.

A Low Carbon Vision for Hong Kong discussion paper

This influential discussion paper by The Climate Group in China, points the way to deep carbon reductions that Hong Kong could achieve, and initiating a debate of how to this should be done.

Hong Kong Carbon Reduction Campaign closing event

Hong Kong has lacked focused action on climate change. The 2009/2010 Hong Kong Carbon Reduction Campaign set out to boost awareness and action by working with major corporations, including HSBC, to promote simple and effective ways to cut CO2 emissions. 5,000 participants from 62 companies in 20 sectors took part, cutting 51,000 tonnes of CO2, and the campaign message reached an audience of millions.

2010 Climate Week NY°C

Climate Week NY°C is a high-profile, week-long programme of meetings, demonstrations, lectures, concerts and exhibitions. In 2009 Climate Week brought together hundreds of government and business leaders from around the world for a series of high-level meetings and events focused on climate change. In September 2010 Climate Week again sent a positive message to climate negotiators and political leaders to work for an ambitious agreement – and to focus not only on burden-sharing, but also how to unlock the opportunities for low carbon growth and prosperity. 

HSBC, through the HSBC Climate Partnership, is a Strategic Sponsor of Climate Week NY°C.

Our Role:

Cities and technologies

In 1950, 750 million people lived in cities. By 2030 that number will have risen above 7 billion. Today cities already cause over 70% of CO2 emissions, but they also have the populations, innovation and finance to shape a better, low-carbon future. 

Under the HSBC Climate Partnership, we worked in great cities - cities whose actions influence others around the world - to boost the take-up of technologies that will cut emissions. 

LED lighting, electric vehicles and 'smart' buildings all have proven potential to cut emissions deeply, improve our daily lives, and create new jobs and prosperity. But we need to increase awareness and trust, and make these solutions affordable, supported by the right policies and finance. 

So we worked in iconic cities like Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, New York and Toronto, bringing together government, leading corporations like HSBC, and technology providers who, together, can fast-track tomorrow’s technologies today. 

Additional focus

Global offices. Funding from the HSBC Climate Partnership has been critical to The Climate Group's expansion into China and India. It's also strengthened our capacities in Europe and North America.  

Research and new initiatives. Funding also enabled us to conduct research and publish reports, convene private and public meetings, and help found initiatives like Forward Chicago and The Mumbai Energy Alliance.

About the Partnership

The HSBC Climate Partnership was a five-year program between HSBC, The Climate GroupEarthwatchSmithsonian Tropical Research Institute and WWF, to inspire action on climate change. Since 2007, we worked around the world - with a focus on Brazil, China, India, the UK and USA - to:

  • Reduce the carbon emissions of major cities
  • Measure the effects of climate change on the world's forests
  • Help prepare major rivers and waterways - and the millions of people who depend on them - for climate change
  • Engage thousands of people in climate action and research, equipping them to act as ‘climate champions’ in their workplace and community 
  • Build HSBC employees’ capability and commitment to sustainable business practice.
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