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Delivering the EU Green Deal through subnational action

25 May 2022, 9:59 UTC 2 min read

We’ve partnered with European Committee of Regions to deliver a joint event at EU Green Week. We’ll be talking with regional governments about the EU Green Deal, and the key role subnational actors play in getting it delivered.

EU Green Deal

The EU Green Deal is the EU’s sustainable and transformative growth strategy for a resource-efficient and climate-neutral Europe by 2050. It places a strong focus on delivering a just transition – making sure that no person and no place is left behind as we drive towards net zero emissions.

The EU Green Deal will be the focal point of this year’s EU Green Week. An annual opportunity to unite policymakers, environmentalists and other European stakeholders to debate European environmental policy.

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Subnational opportunities

Together the Under2 Coalition and European Committee of the Regions represent over 330 subnational European governments. Given their key position at the intersection of local and national decision-makers, these governments have a unique opportunity to accelerate climate action.

And European subnational governments are already maximizing these opportunities. We’ll hear how they’re working to implement the EU Green Deal, and upping ambition to ensure that Europe becomes the first climate neutral continent.

Join the event

Register to join the event on Thursday 2 June at 09:00 (CET). We’ll hear from the following speakers:


For more information please contact Emmy van Enk, States and Regions Net Zero Coordinator, Climate Group