Under2 Ambition Tracker

Tracking Under2 Coalition members' progress to net zero emissions.

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Evidence of net zero

In 2021, the Under2 Coalition updated its Memorandum of Understanding and now intends to become a net zero coalition by 2050 through the ambitious commitments and actions of its members. This is in line with what current science suggests is needed to keep global climate impacts to a minimum.

In order to provide supporting evidence of Under2 member commitments in line with this aim and to hold our membership accountable, we have created the Under2 Ambition Tracker. Our members are required to provide their data and supporting evidence to us outlining the detail of their targets and plans for reaching net zero.

The Tracker launched in 2021 as a pilot and 62 states and regions submitted their data, including 52 members of the Under2 Coalition. Following this pilot, we are further iterating the Tracker based on feedback and will continue to collect data from our members to better understand their collective work on emissions reduction towards net zero.

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Requirements for 2021 Under2 Coalition MoU signatories

All states and regions that sign the new 2021 Under2 Coalition Memorandum of Understanding must complete one full submission to the Under2 Ambition Tracker upon signing.

The purpose is to provide supporting evidence of the government’s ambition and action in line with the 2021 Under2 Coalition MoU’s target of achieving collective net zero emissions by 2050.

Under2 Coalition members that have already completed one full submission to the Under2 Ambition Tracker since its launch in 2021 are not expected to complete a full new submission this year.

However, they are encouraged to update their existing submission with new and updated information where relevant, such as updated regional net zero targets or newly published mitigation plans.

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Reporting requirements for the UN Race to Zero campaign

To first join the UN Race to Zero campaign, states and regions must submit evidence of their public net zero commitment to the Under2 Coalition Secretariat via the Under2 Ambition Tracker.

Once a state or region has been accepted as a member of the Race to Zero campaign, they must then continue to report their progress annually to CDP to continue meeting the campaign’s required criteria.

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Reporting to CDP

We encourage all Under2 Coalition members to report their climate action data to CDP through the 2022 States and Regions Questionnaire. This will provide the Under2 Coalition with additional data to assess and track the progress of our membership towards their climate action commitments.

Public data reported to CDP is also presented on the UNFCCC Global Climate Action Portal (formerly NAZCA).

Governments that respond by the reporting deadline of 27 July 2022 have the opportunity to submit data that will inform CDP partners’ reports for COP27, including Regions4’s RegionsAdapt report and CDP’s states and regions case studies.

However, the reporting platform will remain open for reporting until 7 December 2022.