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Ruby Chorbajian

Ruby Chorbajian, Head of Development, UK and Europe

4 March 2023, 9:37 UTC 2 min read

*This interview is part of our Climate Group employee interview series where we ask people to share their experience of working at Climate Group and what a regular day looks like in their role.


Why Climate Group?  

I wanted to return to international programmes, due to really enjoying working on international issues before and having an international background myself. With offices in five countries and truly global programmes, I was drawn to Climate Group’s reach and influence on the central issue of our time. 

What does a regular day for you as Head of Development look like?  

There is a lot of variety in my work, so I don’t know if I have a typical day. In an average week, I’ll have a good mix of meetings with different departments and perhaps with some of our funders, and then I’ll have some focus time to read, write, or work with figures. We have an inclusive culture that respects different learning and communications styles, so I can block time in to tune out the buzz and really zero in on the tasks at hand. 

What do you enjoy most about working at the Climate Group?  

I would say the positive, collaborative culture. I feel grateful every day for my incredible colleagues, and for a leadership team that invests in staff and creates opportunities for us to thrive. As a fundraiser, I like that we have rigorous processes around bid development and that everyone plays their part in raising the funds we need to create impact. 

What have you learnt from working at the Climate Group?  

I’ve learned that no matter how challenging a task, it can be accomplished – and to a high standard – with confidence, communication, and collaboration. 

Who or what inspires you in your line of work?  

Both the management culture within Climate Group and the feeling that we are working at something that really matters, with partners that want to make a difference with us. 

How do you stay motivated to keep driving climate action, fast?  

Last year saw the highest recorded temperatures in parts of Europe. It's hard to get more motivated than opening the newspaper or looking out the window.