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Climate Group launches inaugural Asia event

14 March 2023, 16:23 UTC 2 min read

Asia is the fastest growing economic region in the world. With that growth comes exciting opportunities, but also big challenges. Asia and the Pacific accounts for more than half of the world’s energy consumption with most of that demand being met by fossil fuels, a demand that is only set to increase by as much as 80% by 2040.

Heavy industries will drive much of this demand, with the region responsible for as much as 70% of global steel production. In China, steelmaking accounts for 15% of the country’s total carbon emissions, 14% in Japan and 12% in India.

With some economies being driven by the dirtiest of fossil fuels, that growth, and climate stability, are simply not compatible. As the region looks to increase its role as supplier to the rest of the world, sustainability must become a central focus of economic development. To achieve its far-reaching climate goals, action to decarbonise energy, and energy intensive heavy industries, needs to be rapidly increased.

That’s why we are convening the first Climate Group Asia Action Summit in Singapore on the 8th June. The Summit will focus on bringing together decision makers and business leaders from the steel and energy sectors to accelerate Asia’s role as an economic, green powerhouse – with a clear path to net zero.

The Asia-Pacific region is at a key moment in its collective future. It has the potential to become a true green superpower and deliver much of the decarbonisation the world needs to see. We’re delighted to be bringing our action summit series to Asia as part of our global roadmap to Climate Week NYC. Our work in the energy sector in Asia, through the RE100 campaign, has had lots of success and decarbonising heavy industry through SteelZero is a significant priority for many businesses in the region, so our first inaugural event builds on these two themes.

Helen Clarkson, CEO, Climate Group

During the one-day summit, alongside opening plenary sessions, we’ll be hosting the SteelZero Summit, looking into topics around progressive policies, regulatory frameworks, and innovative technologies to decarbonise steel production. There will also be panel discussions on the state of steel markets across Asia. Simultaneously, the Green Energy Forum will address topics on the clean energy transition, the challenges, and opportunities in the region, and how the transition will support heavy manufacturing.

It’s really exciting to see the pivot towards Asia and the recognition of the importance the whole region plays in helping the world meets its climate targets. By focusing on energy and heavy industries, especially steel, we are really looking at how the region can accelerate its transition without losing out on the economic potential of these sectors.

Yuming Hui, Executive Director of Climate Group in China