Statement on participation of ROCKWOOL in Climate Week

The Climate Group is an international NGO with a mission to accelerate climate action. We started Climate Week NYC 10 years ago, and it now involves over 140 events run by countless other organizations; we run several of those ourselves. We coordinate the summit, in cooperation with the UN and the City of New York.

We are aware of the concerns regarding the Rockwool plant siting in West Virginia. As they serve as a Climate Week NYC sponsor, we take the situation seriously and our leadership team has given much thought to the concerns raised.

The Climate Group engages with companies like Rockwool because more sustainable insulation and building materials are critical for the low carbon transition. With buildings making up approximately 32% of global emissions, dealing with those emissions is critical. Heating and cooling form a large part of a building’s emissions in the use phase – this is why insulation is such a key part of a low carbon future.

On the issues around the site in Ranson, West Virginia, we hear the concerns of local citizens and are working with Rockwool to understand the details of their responses and the views of relevant authorities.

As an international climate NGO, we have to base our judgments on the basis of fact. We are simply not in a position to judge the suitability of the Ranson site and alleged environmental issues. We have, however, used our discussions with Rockwool to encourage them to do everything possible to engage with the different groups concerned with the plant.

In no way does involvement in Climate Week NYC provide a blanket endorsement of a business. We work with businesses from all sectors and regions of the world that are in different stages of their sustainability journey. Our role is to work with them to advise and encourage them to reduce emissions throughout their business, and to accelerate this change. Rockwool has published many details on their commitment to sustainability, outlined here. They operate in tens of countries, many with tough environmental standards such as Denmark. We will continue to engage with the company’s leadership to ask them to advance their environmental responsibility.

Only business and governments have the resources to invest in the low carbon revolution and deliver the scale of change required to limit global warming. That is why The Climate Group engages and works with as many as we can on this path as possible, even when we are challenged for doing so.

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