Increasing accountability by encouraging state and regional governments to disclose their climate targets, action and progress.


Capacity building

For governments, a robust understanding of their emissions is essential to raise public awareness of climate change, and functions as the backbone of their climate plan. It is also an essential element for supporting their national government with improving their own targets for climate action.

The Climate Group, as Secretariat of the Under2 Coalition, helps regions in developing and newly industrialised countries to better understand the mitigation opportunities by improving and expanding Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of GHG emissions and undertaking MRV of mitigation actions where sufficiently robust GHG inventories are in place.

We're increasing transparent disclosure of states and regions' climate data.
Transparency coupled with communication accelerates climate action.

Our transparency projects


Climate Footprint Project

The Climate Footprint Project supports state and regional governments to improve their greenhouse gas emissions tracking and reduction efforts.


Under2 Ambition Tracker

The Under2 Ambition Tracker takes a dynamic approach to data collection to ensure effective monitoring of the Under2 Coalition’s progress to net zero emissions. 

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Jebi Rahman, Head of Transparency and Pathways, the Climate Group