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We're working with stakeholders across the e-mobility space, including EV100 members, to ramp up governments' ambitions for switching to 100% electric vehicle sales, backed up by strong policies to accelerate market uptake.

How we work with EV100 members on policy

As part of our annual reporting process, our members tell us what barriers they are facing to achieve their EV100 goals, and what policy solutions could unlock progress. We discuss policy regularly through our Policy Working Groups and work to influence policy frameworks directly in key target geographies. This engagement and feedback provides a evidence base for our policy work.

Our global policy position statement

Our policy activities


Together with partners, we're engaging with the EU to call for an accelerated EV transition, including a 2035 phase out date for new ICE vehicles.


We are working with our French EV100 members and partner organisations to raise the ambition of EV policy in France. 


We are leading a Business Call to Action to call for an accelerated EV transition in Germany, that includes a phase out date for new ICE car and van sales of 2032.

United Kingdom

In partnership with leading UK businesses, we are leading the UK Electric Fleets Coalition calling for the Government to deliver the policies needed to achieve its 2030 phase out date. 

United States

We are working with US-based EV100 members, and in partnership with leading initiatives, to accelerate EV policy ambition at federal and state level. 


Together with partners, we are working with Japanese EV100 members and local governments in Japan to accelerate EV policy ambition in Japan.

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