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Joined the Under2 Coalition in 2016
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Net zero government

State or regional governments publicly committed to achieving net zero emissions within their jurisdictions by 2050 or earlier

GDP: US$ 51 million Population: 466 thousand

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Net zero emissions by 2045

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Climate leadership showcase


Climate leadership showcase

Increasing Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEVs) is crucial to cutting our total emissions in the ACT. ZEV uptake plays an important part in helping us meet our emission targets. ZEVs include battery electric vehicles and hydrogen powered vehicles. Transport contributes more than 60% of the ACT's greenhouse gas emissions, making it the single largest contributor to emissions in the ACT.

Financial Incentives:
> first time ZEV buyers are eligible for a full stamp duty exemption
> two years of free registration are available for ZEVs registered in the ACT.
> the sustainable household scheme provides zero-interest loans between $2,000 and $15,000 to eligible ACT households to help with upfront costs of investing in energy efficient home upgrades.

Public Charging
> The ACT Government is installing 50 new publicly accessible chargers. The rollout of infrastructure will be guided by the ZEV Public Charging Masterplan.