Five events at Climate Week NYC set on accelerating a low carbon economy

19 August 2014

NEW YORK: This year Climate Week NYC will play host to an impressively wide range of events in New York, but here is a hand-picked look at some of those which are particularly focused on accelerating a global low carbon economy.

Creating momentum behind cleantech solutions that have the power to grow the low carbon economy is critical to the global clean revolution: with each new discovery and innovation, the aim of a safe, 2 degree world becomes more likely.

Climate Week NYC 2014, which takes place from September 22-28, features a variety of events which will showcase the progress that has been made in cleantech to date.

With a US policy theme, Carbon Forum North America Dialogues will convene industry and state representatives in a series of discussions around mutual interests in using market-based flexibilities in responses to the US government's 111(d) regulations.

But further highlighting Climate Week NYC's global focus, the Official Opening of the House of Green Exhibition at the Urban Future Lab on September 22 offers New Yorkers a glimpse into the Scandinavian sustainable development model. It will be a unique and inspiring exhibition coordinated by New York City and Copenhagen officials to showcase Danish integrated solutions across energy, water, climate and the environment.

Denmark has an official strategy to become fossil fuel free by 2050 and this futuristic exhibition will highlight the Danish sustainable business solutions and green technologies which serve to facilitate this transition. Speeches during the two-hour event will be delivered by the CEO of the Confederation of Danish Industry, Karsten Dybvad, and the CEO of State of Green, Finn Mortensen, as well as prominent NYC officials.

Two days later on September 24, Creative Power: New Models for Clean Energy Investment looks at the challenges of securing clean energy investment, as well as the different opportunities available to investors, insurers, financiers and governments today. In this scintillating session, experts will evaluate how we can build on global clean energy investment, which in 2013 reached US$254 billion.

Of course growing support for cleantech and sustainable energy initiatives must also be accompanied by an engagement-driven movement, led by investors and based on financial analysis and constructive dialogue with fossil fuel companies to divert capex from risky projects – a topic which will be covered by the Carbon Tracker Initiative in a series of discussions from September 22-26. Over the course of three separate events, analysts will explain the carbon supply cost curve, the relationship between carbon risk disclosures and financial regulation, as well as provide an overview of how to effectively advocate the risk associated with fossil fuels.

And to kick off Climate Week NYC, don't miss the Opening Day, which we will be streaming live on our website! This event will bring together business, government and civil society leaders to accelerate the action we need to secure a vibrant, low carbon economy.

For a full list of Climate Week NYC events, please visit and follow the conversation on Twitter using #CWNYC.

You can also see our Climate Week NYC media resources for press releases, contacts and more info.

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By Alana Ryan

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