A new partnership to promote climate change solutions

11 December 2006

The Chief Executives of B&Q, BSkyB, The Carphone Warehouse, HSBC UK, Man Investments, Marks & Spencer, O2, Starbucks UK, Tesco, the Director General of the BBC and the Bishop of London met with The Prime Minister and David Miliband, Secretary of State for the Environment, this morning to form an unprecedented partnership between leading brands to help fight climate change and make it easier for individuals to take action on reducing their carbon dioxide emissions.

Climate change is now an issue of deep concern that requires action from government, business and individuals. This partnership sets out to accelerate the roll out of practical, simple solutions to help individuals reduce their carbon emissions and to demonstrate how if everyone takes small actions together the result can be great. Challenging targets will be set for the aggregated reduction in emissions that will be made through everyone's collective action. A collaborative public campaign will be launched in March 2007.

Together, the companies in the partnership reach 250 million individuals internationally, who visit over 30,000 stores and communicate to millions of homes and families. This is a partnership of collective effort: major brands and organisations reducing their own impact, whilst simultaneously facilitating action amongst their customers.

The partnership is being coordinated by The Climate Group. For more information or to find out more about how you could be involved as a partner, please contact Rob Moore at rmoore@theclimategroup.org.

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