Arup joins The Climate Group

5 November 2006

Arup, the global design and business consultancy, has joined The Climate Group in order to share its expertise in delivering real solutions to mitigate against the effects of climate change in the built environment. Arup will work with The Climate Group to offer governments, business leaders and lobbying organisations to help build climate change leadership. Arup will implement the membership requirements of reducing carbon emissions across its 73 offices in 32 countries.

The Dongtan eco-city in Shanghai, China, is being developed as a successful blueprint for the creation of truly sustainable cities - as referenced in the Stern Review. Through developments such as the Thames Gateway low-carbon development, Arup is applying this blueprint globally. Through its membership of The Climate Group, Arup will contribute its expertise to this global organisation, supporting the aims of the organisation to build climate change leadership amongst the world's foremost companies, cities, states and countries.

Jim Walker, COO of The Climate Group, said: "We are extremely excited that Arup is joining The Climate Group. Its work on sustainable design and consultancy sets it apart as a leader in this area and provides a best practice approach for successful partnerships between business and Governments around the world. Arup not only commits to making changes but is working with multiple organisations in the public and private sectors to make sustainable communities a reality. This is the type of leadership we need to support a low carbon economy."

Peter Head, Arup Director of Sustainability, said: "The work we are doing in Dongtan and in the Thames Gateway are leading the way in terms creating a workable financial model as well as a blueprint for the world's leading cities. What is needed now is a concerted collaboration of all interested and influential parties at an international level. A lot of work has been done on developing solutions that can be picked up and implemented. Now is the time to make it happen, and this is why we're excited to be joining The Climate Group."

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