Australia's expanded renewable energy target scheme

17 December 2008

The Australian Government has released draft legislation on its expanded Renewable Energy Target scheme. The proposed design could see solar panels on hundreds of thousands of Australian rooftops.

Under the expanded 20% Renewable Energy Target, small solar photovoltaic (PV) systems will be able to generate five times as many renewable energy certificates (RECs). This effectively subsidises solar PV systems by about AU$7500 for all Australians, making them accessible to many more people.

Rupert Posner, Australia Director for The Climate Group says: "This decision is the best thing that has happened for Australia's solar industry in a very long time.

"There is great public enthusiasm here for strong government support for the solar industry. Australians should be genuinely excited about today's announcement.

"It is widely recognised around the world that electricity generated by solar PV can play an important role in our efforts to reduce the impacts of global climate change.

"The scheme does not limit how many systems can be installed or who can apply for the rebate, meaning anyone, on any income, will now be able to get support to power their home by the sun.

"By using the expanded renewable energy target to promote the uptake of solar PV, the industry can be transformed and deliver many many more systems at an affordable cost. The Scheme will provide certainty, enabling business to expand and deliver even further savings for customers."

For more information, visit the Australian Government website.


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