Better Place joins The Climate Group

8 December 2008

The Climate Group today announced that Better Place, a company whose mobility operator model aims to revolutionise low carbon transport, has joined The Climate Group, growing the proportion of business members in the leading international NGO's coalition with a low carbon technology or proposition at their core.

Transport energy use accounted for 26 per cent of total world energy use in 2004, with road vehicles accounting for more than three quarters of this (IPCC 4th Assessment Report). Better Place aims to replace exiting fossil fuel powered cars with battery electric cars powered by energy from renewable sources. Electric cars are 40 per cent more efficient than those with traditional internal combustion engines and more emissions are cut as the proportion of renewable power on the electric grid scales.

In an effort to enable mass adoption and reduce oil dependence, Better Place is integrating technology as part of an innovative business model that separates the battery from the electric car. Using a model similar to the mobile phone market, where a network operator offers customers subscription plans to meet their use needs, Better Place aims to dramatically scale this low carbon solution.

Better Place's membership in The Climate Group marks a break from the established players incorporating low carbon strategies into their existing business models - a low carbon transportation or mobility service is at the heart of Better Place's business.

Steve Howard, CEO of The Climate Group said, "The low carbon future will belong to both established players who adapt and disruptive new players who will see amazing growth. Better Place has a plan that could transform the way we drive and are a highly influential new player - they embody the kind of entrepreneurial low carbon thinking that could just save our planet and save our lifestyles."

Since its official launch in 2007, Better Place has already partnered with major car manufacturers, developed prototype electric cars, and announced plans to introduce the mobility operator model in Israel, Denmark, California, Hawaii and Australia, with support from The Climate Group's network there. The Governments of these regions are fully behind the initiative - Denmark and Israel even have created tax incentives to accelerate the transition to electric cars.

Shai Agassi, founder and CEO of Better Place, said, "Countries increasingly realize that we're overdue in moving beyond the high carbon Car 1.0 model, built on the internal combustion engine. It's time to move to the Car 2.0 model of electric cars powered by renewable energy, and we want to make them more appealing for consumers. We look forward to working with The Climate Group's global network to help accelerate this transition and the decarbonisation of our society."

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