Better Place survey shows strong consumer interest in EVs

17 July 2009

Between 30 to 57% of car buyers across five countries are interested in purchasing an electric vehicle, says a recent study from leading EV service provider Better Place and the global market research firm Ipsos.

Over 8,000 drivers in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Israel, and the US were surveyed on their interest in electric, hybrid, and gas-only vehicles. (Pointedly, the survey was conducted between March and April 2009, when gas prices were near a 52-week low.) The results revealed interest in EVs spans demographics and driving habits, counter to previous assumptions. Younger drivers (18-34) showed particularly strong interest in purchasing EVs.

"The survey reflects the future of transportation, which is electric," said Shai Agassi, Founder and CEO of Better Place, which is a member of The Climate Group.

Meanwhile, new research from the University of California, Berkeley addresses current barriers to wide-spread EV uptake in the US. The study from the Center for Technology and Entrepreneurship indicates that separating the car purchase from battery ownership can quickly make EVs market-competitive, by lowering the purchase price while increasing the range and reliability of EVs comparable to gas-powered vehicles.

The UC Berkeley study also predicts EV uptake by 2030 will add over a quarter million net jobs to the US economy.

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