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6 October 2008

As part of its Breaking the Climate Deadlock with former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, The Climate Group ran a series of webinars throughout September on the topics covered in the fourteen expert 'Deadlock' Briefing Papers.

These webinars gave our authors the opportunity to discuss the main points in their papers, to outline their contribution to the Breaking the Climate Deadlock initiative and to respond to questions from the webinar audience.

Energy-related solutions

The first webinar focused on energy-related solutions. Jaana Remes (McKinsey Global Institute) demonstrated the economic and emission reduction potential of energy efficiency. Heleen de Coninck (Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands -ECN) explained the feasibility of carbon capture and storage and the expected benefits. Her colleagues, Stefan Bakker and Bob van der Zwaan, looked at developing the sustainability of nuclear energy.

Structuring agreements, markets and incentives

In the second webinar, Murray Ward (GtripleC) reflected on the global structure of a climate change agreement that would ensure significant emission reductions. Jonathan Grant (PwC) spoke about optimising emission reductions through mechanisms such as the carbon markets, while Cyril Loisel (IDDRI) explained the benefits of creating incentive schemes for reducing emissions from forest degradation and destruction (REDD).

Next steps: Global investment, tech transfer and sectoral approaches

The third webinar tackled three further issues which will play a major part in overcoming any impasse in the international climate negotiations. Ian Harvey, (IPI) discussed intellectual property rights in the context of climate technologies; Emmanuel Guérin and Michel Colombier (IDDRI) highlighted the key issues relating to sectoral approaches; and Erik Haites (Margaree Consultants) spoke about the level of global investment and financial flows needed to effectively address climate change.

More to come

The fourth and final webinar (scheduled for early October) will include presentations from Bill Hare (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research) on the science of climate change; Terry Barker (Cambridge University) on the macroeconomic impacts; and Richard Klein (Stockholm Environment Institute) on adaptation strategies.

In you missed any of the webinars, or are unable to attend the fourth, recordings of all webinars are available on our website. Speakers' presentations and briefing papers are available to download on the same page. If you would like to register and receive login information for the fourth webinar (date and time tbc), please email Clément Mariotte: 

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