‘COP 16: Post-Cancun Analysis’ webinar & briefing

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17 January 2011

We held our ‘COP 16: Post-Cancun Analysis’ webinar on 13th January.

Our new CEO Mark Kenber and Senior Policy Manager Damian Ryan informed participants of what happened during the negotiations, what the main results were and what we can expect to happen over the coming year.

Key macro-level messages included:

  • Cancun has re-energized the UN process, while at the same time highlighting the importance of, and need for, other complementary efforts;
  • The shift from ‘top-down’ (as exemplified by the Kyoto Protocol) to ‘bottom-up’ climate action is gathering momentum;
  • New opportunities for public-private partnerships (particularly around finance and technology) are beginning to emerge;
  • A final, comprehensive global deal remains some way off and will involve a long-term, iterative process;
  • But a shift in the international narrative on climate action from one of cost and burden-sharing, to one of opportunity can be seen.

This webinar was attended by participants from BT, Coca Cola, Dell, HSBC, Intel, Nike, Sony, Standard Chartered and the Government of Quebec amongst others.

Our Post-Cancun Briefing Paper, which provides more in-depth analysis is available for download here.

Visit for more analysis on COP16.

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