Canada leading the way as EVs accelerate in Ontario, Quebec

15 August 2011

NEW YORK: The Province of Ontario, a member of The Climate Group, has announced that it will pour $80 million into the development of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. This announcement, coupled with the recent EV infrastructure developments from another member, the Province of Quebec, is accelerating a Clean Revolution in Canada.

Ontario's announcement, which was made last week by Infrastructure Ontario as well as the Province of Ontario, aims to encourage public and private sectors to build and scale-up charging station availability in the Province.

The Province already employs around 1200 people in the clean energy industry, so the proposed development will have a significant impact on business, as well as offer more affordable, low carbon energy to consumers and make driving EVs more convenient for all.

To mark the announcement, Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty charged an EV at the PowerStream utility operations center in Markham, where he declared: “We’re taking the next step to ensure our car-charging stations are in the right place to power the next generation of vehicles. Just as we worked hard to become North America’s number one producer of cars, we’re working hard to become number one in North America when it comes to clean energy. Today’s announcement takes us one step closer to our vision.”

Following the announcement, McGuinty illustrated why EVS are a cost-effective alternative to gas-powered vehicles by posting the facts on his Twitter: "Investing in charging stations to help Ontarians choose electric and save money; $70 for gas fill-up; $7 for electricity." He also tweeted to The Climate Group: "Ontarians are proud to be leaders in clean energy. Clean air and new jobs will make our kids proud of us, too".

Ontario already offers monetary incentives of between £5000 and £8000 to purchase EVs, so enhancing the convenience of EVs through better infrastructure will further push Ontario’s leading role in the Clean Revolution

Another Canadian province also leading the way in clean transport is Quebec, which launched a comprehensive EV Action Plan earlier in the year. "The Action Plan clearly illustrates the leading role played by Québec in the fight against climate change," said Quebec Minister Pierre Arcand, during the launch. He continued: "It will play a fundamental role in meeting the challenge that we have set for ourselves between now and 2020, namely to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 20% from their 1990 levels. This is the most ambitious emission reduction target in North America, and we are very proud of it. With this Action Plan, Québec will be able to transition towards a green economy by developing leading-edge expertise in the new technology."

Since the launch of the Action Plan, the Province of Quebec has rolled-out the country’s first public charging network for plug-in vehicles, The Electric Circuit, which will be fully operational in early 2012, as well as the second phase of Canada’s largest EV trial in June. 

Member: The Province of Quebec

Member: The Province of Ontario 

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