Clean Revolution Leadership baton change in California

12 August 2011

NEW YORK: California Governor Jerry Brown has appointed former Chief Deputy Attorney General, Matt Rodriquez, to replace Linda Adams as Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and continue the State’s inspiring leadership in the Clean Revolution.

Linda Adams, who worked closely with The Climate Group during her tenure as EPA chief,  drove some of California EPA’s greatest efforts to tackle climate change and promoted California’s leadership internationally. 

Arguably her most important contribution was negotiating and implementing the State’s Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32).

Last month the California EPA celebrated its 20th year of ‘environmental leadership’ and a list of the State’s accomplishments were released. Speaking during the anniversary, Linda Adams said: “I am proud of everything that Cal/EPA has accomplished over the years and honored that I was able to be a part of it. California’s leadership on environmental policy goes back decades and we must recognize that we’ve all played a part in making California green.”

Matt Rodriquez, who as the State’s former Deputy Attorney General represented the Attorney General Office and its Land Law Section clients which includes the California Coastal Commission, spoke enthusiastically about the EPA and his new role: “Cal/EPA has accomplished many wonderful things over its 20 year history and I am proud to be a part of this effort. I look forward to continuing this commitment to environmental excellence throughout my term and adding another chapter in California’s environmental history.” 

Amy Davidsen, Executive Director US, The Climate Group, acknowledged the work of Linda Adams: “Linda Adams, with the support of her team, has demonstrated great leadership during her time as Secretary. The world looks to California not so much because of its size but more because of its leadership. This leadership has driven environmental policy progress not just in the US but around the globe. Linda can be proud of her big contribution and we are glad that she'll stay involved in climate change in the future. The Climate Group also looks forward to working with Matt Rodriquez and California, as it continues to lead the Clean Revolution.”

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