Collaboration and Leadership Will Combat Climate Change, Says PM Tony Blair

27 April 2004

Launched in London, The Climate Group is a unique, global organisation bringing together, for the first time, leading corporations; financial institutions; civil organisations; and state city and national governments that will work together to accelerate greenhouse gas emission reductions. By pooling the knowledge of leading reducers of {CO2} emissions, and creating an arena for a formal exchange for ideas and practical experience, The Climate Group is poised to become a catalyst for accelerating progress.

Climate Group Chief Executive Dr Steve Howard said, "The Climate Group is looking beyond Kyoto, which is a first step in driving reductions. We know that there are many leading companies and governments dedicated to meeting or exceeding those targets. By bringing the key players together for the first time, we believe that the world can turn the corner on climate change. Climate change is real and there is no single solution. Instead, there is a wide range of choices which we can all make whether we are responsible for a major corporation; a national government or our own individual actions. Many of these solutions are cost effective, and in many cases such as BP's and Dupont's experience, they can create significant profit. I am delighted that we already have the support of many of the world's leading reducers including the UK Government which has committed to put its emissions on track for a 60% reduction by 2050."

Tony Blair Prime Minister for the UK Government said, "Climate change is the most important environmental issue facing the world today. By bringing together progressive businesses, states and cities from across the world, the Climate Group will enable these organisations to show leadership, and to demonstrate the benefits of taking early action to cut greenhouse gas emissions. I welcome the launch of The Climate Group and look forward to hearing of its progress."

Over the next few months, The Climate Group will:

1. Hold a major conference for leading 'reducers' in Toronto in mid-May. Subsequent meetings in Europe, California and Australia are planned.

2. Launch a range of working groups to identify best practice and define leadership on a range of areas including, banking, transport and retailing.

3. Launch a 'Carbon University' which will become a centre of learning and best practice for organisations wanting to improve their performance in reducing carbon dioxide emissions (to be launched in early 2005).

4. Publish a globally comprehensive Climate Index every year starting in June 2004. This will be a tool allowing companies and local and regional governments to assess their range of actions to reduce emissions and identify best practice.

5. Document and publish a growing series of case studies on leaders in the field of reducing emissions.

For more information contact:

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