Comment: Google's new PowerMeter web service

11 February 2009

Google is making moves on the "smart grid." The company this week announced its latest web service, PowerMeter, a tool which will show consumers their real-time electric consumption. (You can find out more on the Google website.)

"It's no surprise that Google is yet again showing us the power of information," says The Climate Group's Molly Webb.

"We might have to mark this as the day Grid 2.0 was born.""Most people probably don't even think about their energy consumption as information; instead they think of it as money out the door - a utility bill they have to pay at the end of the month. But PowerMeter makes energy visible - as information - and this in turn gives users more control.

"Ideally this puts us on a faster path to the time when utilities and consumers rise to the challenge to think differently about their energy consumption and demand the tools they need to manage it.

"We might have to mark this as the day Grid 2.0 was born."

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