Greenhouse Indicator illustrates challenge ahead in Australia

7 January 2008

The world's first weekly greenhouse indicator has revealed the extent of the greenhouse challenge confronting Victoria and New South Wales, Australia.

Launched in 2007 The °Climate Group's Weekly Greenhouse indicator tracks the States' greenhouse gas emissions in real time.

Results are now in for the whole of 2007. They show that Victoria's greenhouse emissions from energy in 2007 were 103.581 million tonnes of {CO2} equivalent, 29.5% above 1990 levels.

In NSW emissions were 95 million tonnes {CO2}e, 7% higher than emissions in 1990.

The °Climate Group's Australian Director, Rupert Posner, said the initiative was designed to track greenhouse gas emissions and to help people better understand the issue and impact of emissions.

"The Indicator shows us how much greenhouse gas we were responsible for in Victoria and NSW last year and clearly demonstrates the significant task we have ahead of us to turn things around," said Posner.

In Victoria in 2007 electricity from coal produced 61.263 million tonnes of greenhouse gases (59%), natural gas was responsible for 14.586 million tonnes (14%) and petroleum 27.732 million tonnes (27%).

In NSW in 2007 electricity from coal produced 56.731 million tonnes of greenhouse gases (60%), natural gas-fired electricity was responsible for 0.452 million tonnes (0.5%) and petroleum 37.752 million tonnes (39.5%).


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