HSBC launches tracking survey of international public attitudes to climate change

12 July 2007

HSBC has released a new piece of research showing that public attitudes to climate change vary strongly across the globe.

The HSBC Climate Confidence Index shows that people in developing economies exhibit the greatest concern, commitment and optimism towards the problem of climate change and in developed economies the greatest indifference, reluctance and fatalism - a condition described as 'green rejection'. The research sampled 9,000 people in nine countries and across four continents.

According to Mark Kenber, Policy Director of The Climate Group: "The results show that there is a clear mandate for Governments to move from rhetoric on the urgency of climate change to urgent action.

"Governments need to work more closely with businesses to provide solutions that will encourage behavioural change and have positive environmental and economic benefits.

"The high awareness of the climate change problem needs to be matched by an awareness of the growing number of practical and affordable solutions that can increasingly influence individuals' longer-term lifestyle choices and spending habits."

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