London launches climate change strategy

27 February 2007

The Mayor of London, Ken Livingston, launched Action Today to Protect Tomorrow, the first ever comprehensive plan by a large city to cut carbon emissions. This plan sets out how London will reduce its carbon emissions by 60 percent of 1990 levels by 2025.

This plan clearly outlines the economic benefits for London and its citizens from tackling climate change, and shows that Londoners can achieve deep cuts to climate emissions without reducing their quality of life or economic prosperity.

It contains a wide-ranging mix of demand and supply initiatives and utilises current technologies and behaviour change initiatives to reduce carbon emissions in four key areas - homes, organisations, energy, and transport.

Dr Steve Howard, CEO of The Climate Group, said "This is a very comprehensive and achievable plan and is a clear demonstration of London's leadership on climate change. It shows what a city can achieve within its own powers and through constructive public private partnerships, and is notable in that it outlines key areas of support needed from national and international governments to achieve further cuts to greenhouse gas emissions.

"The Climate Group looks forward to continuing to work with the Greater London Authority to assist in the deliver this of this strategy."

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