Make six small changes to save the planet says London's Mayor

6 June 2007

On June 6th, the Mayor of London was joined by pop-star turned gardener Kim Wilde and The °Climate Group's CEO Dr Steve Howard to launch DIY Planet Repairs, a public information campaign calling on Londoners to reduce their carbon emissions by making simple changes to their lifestyles.

It was also announced that London is becoming the first city partner of 'Together', a collaboration of organisations offering easy access to products and ideas that will help individuals reduce their impact on the climate.

The DIY Planet Repairs Campaign kicked off with Kim Wilde starting London's carbon counter. The counter calculates the amount of carbon pumped out every second of every day in the capital and the Mayor challenged Londoners to take action to reduce their C02 emissions and slow down the ticking carbon clock.

The campaign is calling on Londoners to 'unplug, switch off and turn down' and highlights six simple changes which will make a big difference in reducing carbon emissions and save Londoners money at the same time. If every household made all six changes suggested, 1.58 million tonnes of CO2 would be avoided and Londoners would save over £290 million.

Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone said: "Climate change is now a top issue of concern for Londoners. We are launching the DIY Planet Repairs campaign to provide clear and simple information to Londoners about what they can do to help address global warming. Taking part in DIY Planet Repairs will cost you nothing and I am asking every London household to agree to make these six simple changes to cut their carbon emissions and play a part in preventing catastrophic climate change."

Dr Steve Howard, CEO of The °Climate Group welcomed the initiative saying: "London continues to lead the world in tackling climate change and this new campaign will help Londoners do their bit. It is therefore highly appropriate that London today becomes the first city to join our Together campaign. The commitment of 'DIY Planet Repairs' to making it easier for citizens to take action and reduce their own {CO2} emissions fits perfectly with our mission and we are delighted to give it our full support."

The six changes the Mayor is asking Londoners to make are as follows:

Wash low
If every London household washed its clothes at 30 degrees, Lononders could save 98,000 tonnes of CO2 and £23.5m per year.

Standby switch off
If every London household turned their appliances off standby Londoners could save 465,000 tonnes of CO2 and £115m per year.

Switch off your lights
If every London household turned off their lights when leaving an empty room, Londoners could save 93,000 tonnes of CO2 and £21.5m per year.

If every London household unplugged their mobile phone chargers when not in use, we could save 31,000 tonnes of CO2 and £7.75m per year.

Turn down
If every Londoner has turned down their thermostat by one degree, Londoners could save 837,000 tonnes of CO2 and £110m per year.

Only boil what you need
If every London household only boiled as much water as needed when making a cuppa, Londoners could save 62,000 tonnes of CO2 and £15.5m per year

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