New report lists 36 sustainability investments businesses can make today

2 February 2007

Climate Group member InterfaceFLOR has launched a new report warning that companies rushing to claim sustainable business practices need to back up their commitments with investment.

Interface, which has recently been named number one in GlobeScan's independent review of the leading companies fulfilling their responsibilities to society worldwide has, through its mission zero promise over the past 12 years, committed to reduce its environmental footprint and is aiming for zero environmental impact by 2020.

"In the wake of the Stern Report, businesses have two choices: be driven by legislation, or make positive changes to their business to foster growth" says InterfaceFLOR CEO Lindsay Parnell.

"Businesses who decide on the latter course have to invest in making it happen but it has taken Interface 12 years to get to a point where we can see the benefit of sustainable investment in business growth. We want all businesses - and that includes our competitors - to succeed in their quest for sustainability, but greenwash won't wash."

InterfaceFLOR's report, Sustainable Futures, includes contributions from the UK's top thought leaders on trends across six key areas of business: Leadership (Forum for the Future); Marketing (University of Strathclyde Business School); Communications (Futerra); Business Environment (The Climate Group); Employee Engagement (The Work Foundation) and Design and Innovation (The Design Council). All contributions clearly demonstrate a correlation between investment in sustainable business practices and successful businesses.

At the end of the report, InterfaceFLOR lists 36 actions businesses can take now to reduce their environmental footprint. These include initiatives to win the hearts and minds of customers, and to revolutionise manufacturing processes, design and innovation, supplier relationships, recruitment and total business vision.

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