New research - Serving the climate conscious consumer

8 September 2006

The Climate Group and Clean Air Cool Planet recently commissioned a piece of research aimed at better understanding how to serve the climate conscious consumer. The research, carried out by Lippincott Mercer and sponsored by Climate Group member BSkyB, found latent demand amongst consumers for products, services and brands that would allow people to reflect their climate-change concern in their spending.

Among the key findings of the research are that:

  • 28% of UK consumers and 19% of US consumers are "strongly concerned" about climate change, supporting a potentially much larger market than for organics or FairTrade when those markets first took off.
  • These consumers are largely unaware of the options available today. Once informed they are positive, and are amazed by what is affordable.
  • The barriers that keep the demand latent go beyond awareness. Consumers reveal active suspicions as well as more passive inertia, which today's propositions do not address.
  • Consumer brands are uniquely placed to help consumers remove these barriers. Consumer brands have critical roles to play as educators, leaders, facilitators, contributors and marketers.
  • Individual consumers may have different sustainability agendas from the companies that serve them. A new partnership is needed between corporate social responsibility and marketing communities to reconcile a company's own responsibility initiatives with its consumers' aspirations for carbon-responsible spending.

This work was conducted on behalf of The Climate Group's leadership group on climate change for global brands and retailers. For further information on the research or on the leadership group please contact Sophy Bristow (

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