News Release: Tony Blair and The Climate Group launch new climate report

27 June 2008

Tony Blair joined The Climate Group to launch a new climate report today in Japan (0530hrs BST, 27 June 2008). The report - Breaking the Climate Deadlock: A Global Deal for Our Low Carbon Future - was presented to Japanese Prime Minister Fukuda to coincide with the upcoming G8 Leaders' Summit at Lake Toyako. It represents the first phase of the broader 'Breaking the Climate Deadlock' initiative launched by Tony Blair and The Climate Group in March this year.

Mr Blair in his remarks made clear that there is a huge challenge in reversing the growth of greenhouse gas emissions at a time when they are growing rapidly in much of the world. But he also made it clear that a deal is possible. He made a clear call for this year's G8, meeting in Japan in a few day's time, to set a global target of halving emissions by 2050 and by agreeing to a process to make significant progress by next year's G8 in Italy. Mr Blair also talked about the central role of business in delivering a low carbon economy.

Steve Howard, CEO, The Climate Group said: "We believe that business can deliver clear green technology that we need - but only with the right government support. This is not truly a technology challenge - it is a political challenge. This report shows world leaders a practical route-map to a low carbon world which will directly support vital international climate negotiations."


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