Obama: "We need to encourage American innovation"

28 January 2010

In the State of the Union address on Wednesday night, President Obama made creating jobs his priority for 2010.  He said that government should "create the conditions necessary for businesses to expand and hire new workers," and to "put Americans to work today building the infrastructure of tomorrow." 

Obama emphasized the need to create new clean energy jobs - "building clean energy facilities" and "manufacturing clean energy products". 

As a means to achieving this, he put comprehensive climate and energy policy back on the legislative agenda, offering to help advance the bipartisan effort in the Senate.

"We need to encourage American innovation," Obama declared.  "To create more of these clean energy jobs, we need more production, more efficiency, more incentives.  And that means passing a comprehensive energy and climate bill with incentives that will finally make clean energy the profitable kind of energy in America."

"To put people back to work we need to rebuild our country's infrastructure - and our energy infrastructure is in desperate need of rebuilding," said Amy Davidsen, US Executive Director of The Climate Group.  "The President's focus is the right one.  The opportunity is ripe for creating new clean energy jobs right here in the US."

Today, The Climate Group and The University of Michigan released a new report titled American Innovation: Manufacturing Low-Carbon Technologies in the Midwest, which shows how climate and energy policies could create clean energy jobs in the Midwest. The Climate Group has long been focused on demonstrating the economic opportunities born from taking comprehensive action to address climate change and to improve America's energy policies. This report is the latest example of that work.

The report estimates that climate and energy policies could create up to 100,000 new jobs in the Midwest, generating additional market revenues of up to $12 billion, and boosting state and local tax revenues by over $800 million by 2015, from the manufacture of wind turbine components, hybrid powertrains, and advanced batteries.

"Not only can the US create new clean energy jobs, but we can do so right here in the Midwest," said Allison Hannon, Midwest Regional Manager at The Climate Group.  "With comprehensive climate and energy policies in place, we can not only reduce our pollution, but we can revive our manufacturing."

Read more about the American Clean Revolution.

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