Poznan and a new global deal: TCG Policy Director Mark Kenber comments

7 December 2008

With crucial climate meetings taking place in both Poznan and Brussels this week, Mark Kenber, Policy Director of The Climate Group, outlines the stakes.

Many countries, including India and China, will arrive in Poland for this year's UN climate summit holding their negotiating cards close to their chests and waiting to see what the US will put on the table. However, whilst Barack Obama clearly wants the US to re-engage on climate change, it is a lame-duck Bush administration that still holds the reins for this year's negotiations.

All eyes therefore are currently focussed on European leadership. Despite some internal wrangling, the EU is likely to agree new policies in Brussels on 11-12 December that will set a benchmark for all rich country commitments. Leading the way, the UK has become the first country in the world to make reducing emissions a legal obligation, arguing that improving energy efficiency, clean energy and cutting fuel imports can benefit the environment and jump-start the economy.

As the global financial crisis risks the tyranny of today obscuring the far bigger economic storm of tomorrow, negotiators in Poznan must not just pave the way for a new deal to cut global emissions but must lay foundations for a green economic recovery. We need a new Green Deal and the world cannot afford to miss opportunity Poznan presents for progress.

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