Second Version of Voluntary Carbon Standard released for consultation

15 October 2006

The Climate Group is pleased to announce that a second draft of the Voluntary Carbon Standard is now available for public comment. The Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) has been developed by The Climate Group and the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) to promote harmonisation and robustness in the voluntary carbon market. The VCS provides a certification tool that is designed to give users confidence that voluntary project-based GHG emission reductions are real, measurable, permanent, additional and independently verified.

We would welcome comments on any aspect of the VCS but, in particular, on: additionality, LULUCF projects, forward crediting of small-scale and renewables projects, and the harmonisation of project-based and performance standard approaches.

The consultation period has been extended to the end of November. Please download the accompanying documents and send your comments to

To download the second version of the Voluntary Carbon Standard click here.

To download the accompanying letter click here.

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