South Australia gets Weekly Greenhouse Indicator

6 July 2009

For the first time South Australians can track their state's greenhouse gas emissions each and every week, thanks to an initiative launched in Adelaide today by The Climate Group.

The Weekly Greenhouse Indicator, which was unveiled at Premier Mike Rann's Adapting to Climate Change Forum, provides real-time information on greenhouse gas emissions produced from energy use - coal-fired electricity, natural-gas-fired electricity and all petroleum related products. This accounts for about 60 per cent of all emissions in South Australia.

Launching the initiative alongside Premier Rann, Rupert Posner, The Climate Group's Australia Director, said the initiative is designed to provide up to date information, but also to help people to better understand where our greenhouse emissions come from.

"The launch of the SA Indicator means everyone can follow how much South Australia is emitting each week from energy use. Because we can't actually see these emissions, and don't feel their effects on the environment immediately, it can be difficult to understand the importance of how much we are producing. The Indicator will make this task easier.

"Hopefully it will encourage South Australians to start reducing their own energy-use through actions such as installing energy efficient light globes and appliances or switching to a greener electricity tariff. If they do, they will be helping to change the world for the better."

South Australia's Premier, Mike Rann, said: "The Indicator is an important contribution to this state's efforts to confront climate change and I am pleased to be launching it alongside The Climate Group. Tackling climate change is critical to the future wellbeing of this state, its economy and its people.

"The South Australian Government is doing its part: we have set a target to produce 33 per cent of the state's energy from renewable sources by 2020, way ahead of other states, and we're undertaking a major upgrade of the public transport network which will help reduce car use and related emissions," Mr Rann said.

"These and other initiatives will ensure we start to use cleaner energy, more efficiently. I look forward to watching the Indicator record a continued fall in South Australia's greenhouse gas emissions as the impact of these policies kick in."

The Indicator also runs in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, which, along with South Australia are the only regions anywhere in the world to receive such up to date information on their emissions levels.

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