Summary of the Chinese national climate change program

7 June 2007

On June 4th China announced its aim to cut greenhouse gas emissions growth by almost one billion tonnes by 2010 under a long-awaited national climate plan announced in Beijing.

While the Chinese government continues to reject any commitment to Kyoto-style targets for absolute reductions in emissions, the plan does point the economy towards a target of cutting greenhouse intensity, the amount of energy needed to generate each unit of GDP, by 20 per cent within three years.

As the country opens its economy to world markets, stellar rates of economic growth of 10 per cent a year or more have seen China's greenhouse emissions soar. It is rapidly closing in on the United States as the world's largest emitter nation.


A wide ranging plan to deploy renewable energies and increase energy efficiency was spelt out by Ma Kai, chairman of China's National Development and Reform Commission.

For The °Climate Group China's summary of the key points please click here.

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