Support for EU Energy Efficiency Legislation

12 February 2010

EU energy efficiency legislation will revive economy, boost jobs and prevent "undue stress" to European business, says The Climate Group.

Ahead of the European Summit this week, The Climate Group and a number of other NGOs and industry groups have written to the Presidents of the European Council, European Commission, and European Parliament and other policy-makers to urge them to make greater energy efficiency a central plank of Europe's economic recovery and future climate and energy policy in the EU.  

Greater energy efficiency measures can not only insulate EU business from fluctuations in future energy prices but also help to protect profits and create hundreds of thousands of European-based jobs. Energy efficiency policy will also increase health and standards of life because of improved air quality, and reduced energy bills and fuel poverty.

The cross-sector coalition called on EU leaders to make energy efficiency "a first order priority" for economic revival and the new "EU 2020" strategy, saying "companies selling energy efficiency products and services would develop competitive advantage both on the European and the worldwide stage in the race to exploit the opportunities of the inevitable smart green economy of the twenty-first century".

Luc Bas, European Head of Government Relations, The Climate Group said "With the right political leadership, Europe has a real opportunity to lead the world in developing new technology solutions for energy efficiency. This will be good for the environment, EU jobs and the European economy."

  • Read the letter here.
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