Survey reveals the environmental and economic benefits of LEDs in Kolkata, India

16 April 2012

NEW DELHI: Results from a survey by The Climate Group investigating the effects of LEDs (light emitting diodes) installed across the Indian city of Kolkata, have found that nearly all residents are now reaping big environmental and economic benefits from the low energy lighting.

After monitoring the LED lights for six months, the survey was carried out at various installation sites around Kolkata, including major highways, smaller roads and public parks. A total of 85 respondents were interviewed, of which 16 were motor vehicle or push-bike users, 40 were pedestrians, ten were shop owners and 19 were regular park users. 

Respondents were asked for their opinions on factors such as brightness, glare, safety, environmental awareness, and overall performance of the newly installed LED lights. 

Results show that more than 90% of Kolkata’s road and park users find LEDs to be a better lighting option than conventional lights. Among shop owners, more than 80% of the respondents prefer LEDs, and more than 75% of the pedestrians that frequently visit roads with LEDs installed ‘strongly recommend’ them.

On top of the overwhelming feedback in favor of the lights, another interesting finding that emerged from the survey was that LED lights offer improved color recognition to the human eye. For Gobind Saha, the owner of a roadside stall at Rabindra Sarani, LED lights are testimony to how new technology can impact locals’ lives. He said: “These white lights have changed the way my small business runs under the street lights every evening. Before, anything and everything would look yellow in color, resulting in a decreased purchasing interest among buyers. But with the whiter LED light, buyers can clearly differentiate between a green and blue, and my sales figures have increased.” 

Given the initial encouragement from the Kolkata beneficiaries, it is clear that LED technology is one of the best solutions for energy efficient street lighting. As LEDs are a relatively new and pre-commercial technology, positive feedback from user groups such as these is critical for accelerating state scale-up and nationwide adoption of the low carbon technology.

Sharing experiences from the survey, Prodyut Mukherjee, Technology Manager India, The Climate Group says: “The emergence of an overall approval of the Kolkata beneficiary group as the key result of this survey, is a very encouraging development. The viability of LED lighting as a technology has been proven time and again, but its acceptance amongst this broad user group is key to predicting its sustainability. The survey results here have only cemented the fact that LED technology is the future for efficient lighting.”

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