The Basque Country and Scotland aim to partner on economy and climate change

5 November 2010

The Basque Country and Scotland have announced their aim to establish closer ties, by sharing experiences and best practice on issues such as the economy and climate change, as well as on other issues included in a broader agreement.

Both governments have been part of The Climate Group’s international States and Regions alliance since its formation back in 2005, becoming full members over the last 12 months. They are now among the most proactive governments globally on climate change, taking leading action on renewable energy generation, research and development on low carbon technology and ensuring that the decarbonization of society is a central part of the political and economic agenda.

The Basque Country participated this week in Climate Week NYC, with Minister for Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism Bernabe Unda, signing up as an inaugural member of The Climate Group’s EV20 Coalition.

Scotland has boosted its renewable-electricity target for 2020, aiming to get 80 per cent of its power from low carbon sources, more than any published estimate from any European member state.

Next week, Scotland will host a high level international event focusing on Low Carbon Investment. Scotland has committed to maximizing its natural resources and becoming a leader on marine renewable energy. Participants will discuss the potential of major projects, highlight some of the challenges which need to be overcome and will showcase the innovative solutions currently being developed and tested.

Luc Bas, Director of European Programs for The Climate Group said: “The activities of our members are a testament to their leadership on addressing climate change. Our aim is to bring governments together to discuss the most effective routes towards the low carbon revolution. That Scotland and the Basque Country are looking into even closer partnerships highlights the importance of collaboration in tackling the issue. We very much welcome the connection and will continue to facilitate this relationship into the future.”

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